Chiropractic Care

Chronic Care

One key to our success in solving complex pain problems is that we take the time to ask how you use your back for work and leisure activities. The answers to your questions may give us important clues to the cause of your pain.

Often, patients have tried other methods of care and have had no lasting relief. In such cases, Dr. Colfer will work with the them to determine the cause of the pain and address this cause instead of the symptoms in order to get lasting relief.

If you have a chronic problem, we may recommend rehabilitation such as exercises to improve spinal strength. We can work with you to correct improper body mechanics. Using your back correctly for work and leisure activities can dramatically reduce the strain on your back.

Wellness Care

Along with good nutrition, physical exercise and mental “gymnastics,” chiropractic care helps establish a baseline of wellness for your body.

Simply put, with the spine in alignment, the nerve energy flows freely. The brain and spinal cord, the central command center of the body, can communicate more effectively with all the systems of the body since the different levels of the spine correlate to different organ systems.

For example, when the middle back is well-aligned and moving freely, you can breathe easier not just because the ribcage moves normally but also because the nerve energy to the bronchial tubes is flowing freely and regulating the amount of dilation needed in the airway.

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Acute Care

If you have an acute onset of pain, we have the tools and expertise needed to address your pain without drugs.

Using hands-on relief techniques such as myofascial (muscle) work and chiropractic adjustments, coupled with other therapies such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and hot or cold packs, we will reduce inflammation and spasm in the soft tissue and normalize joint motion, thereby reducing pain.

As the condition responds, rehabilitative exercise is added to strengthen and stabilize the injured area to speed recovery and help avoid the incidence of reinjury.

Accidental Injury

By law, a doctor of chiropractic may act as the attending physician when treating a person who is injured in an automobile collision. You do not need a medical referral or permission from your automobile insurance company in order to be examined and treated by a chiropractic physician.

In fact, chiropractors are uniquely qualified to treat the musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries often seen in these cases.

After being in a car crash, if you have neck and/or back pain, headache, shoulder/arm pain, hip/leg pain or general malaise, DO NOT DELAY! Schedule an evaluation with your chiropractic physician as soon as possible.

Therapeutic Massage

Our skilled licensed massage therapists use gentle but effective techniques to reduce muscle tension and to help restore normal muscle function. With methods such as Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Reflexology, they coordinate care with Dr Colfer, addressing specific problem areas together, complementing and enhancing your chiropractic care.

These types of services are sometimes covered by insurance plans that include chiropractic care and also usually qualify for payment with a Health Savings Account or an Employee Flexible Spending Plan. We also offer massage membership plans and bundle options. Please contact us for current prices.

Therapeutic Exercise


An important part of corrective chiropractic care is stabilizing the injured or misaligned area. We do this by teaching you therapeutic exercises that balance major muscle groups and improve the “muscle memory” via the nervous system. This helps your corrective spinal adjustments “hold” and also helps you avoid re-injury.


Depending on your carrier, exercise therapy may be covered by insurance.