Our Massage Therapists


Dia Couttouw, LMT

 Licensed Massage Therapist

Dia came into massage therapy via her aromatherapy training in New Zealand in 2005. She offers a therapeutic, focused, and nurturing approach to her clients, precisely because she feels honored to be given the trust to enter their personal sphere of being. Her sessions may include a blend of deep tissue technique, cupping, myofascial release, and cranio-sacral therapy.


As a native Oregonian, she recently returned to the Pacific Northwest, having lived on the high desert plateau of Southwest Colorado for 15 years. She is appreciating the moisture and all that it brings; verdant life in all seasons, rivers and creeks to remind one of the fluidity of life, rich plant aromas rising in the humid and receptive air.


Dia joined us at Colfer Chiropractic in 2020, and brings an unmistakable attitude of calmness, understanding, and wellness, peppered with innocent mischievousness. She is a gift to work with.



Juliet T photo

Juliet Thompson, LMT

 Licensed Massage Therapist

Juliet came to massage therapy after a career in civil engineering. She received her license in 2015, and has worked since then in various settings including chiropractic work, spa/massage center work and also had a private practice for four years. 


She is certified as a practitioner of Advanced Myofascial Techniques and recently (March 2023) took 30 hours of training in massage for medically fragile clients. 


She believes that with skilled and compassionate touch and communication, manual therapists can help people increase their ability to move, and improve their felt sense of their bodies, in other words, greater body awareness – which leads to pain relief, and often even resolution of chronic issues.


In her spare time, she loves to garden, camp, hike and be on and in the water. She also gathers regularly with others for singing and music, and enjoys leading song circles.

Lauren McCarthy, LMT