We're so glad you chose us!

Here are a few things to expect on your first appointment with us:

  • Be aware that your first appointment will be roughly one hour.
  • Arrive early to do paperwork. You will need to arrive 15 minutes early if you have completed the new patient intake form. (See button above.) If you are unable to complete the intake forms online please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Bring your insurance card and we will verify your benefits. Please make sure to contact your insurance company to check your benefits ahead of time.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing or clothing that is not constricting.
  • Where to Park:
    • Any of the three spots marked as reserved for Colfer Chiropractic.
    • Any of the seven spots marked "visitor."
    • Any of the unmarked spots in the Diamond Parking Lot, and advise us of your license plate number so that we can validate your parking online.
  • Dr Colfer will review your primary concerns and will go over your history with you, and then conduct a focused examination to determine a diagnosis.  Sometimes, additional information such as radiographic studies (x-rays) is needed, but not always. The doctor will discuss her findings with you and explain the diagnosis and the treatment plan, setting goals and objectives with input from you.
  • Most of the time, treatment will begin on the same day as the initial examination. Periodic re-evaluations will be done to check progress towards the agreed upon goals and updating of the treatment plan will be done as necessary.  Ultimately, at a successful conclusion, Dr. Colfer will recommend continued care at a reduced frequency for wellness, but the choice is always yours
  • IMPORTANT: If you were in a motor vehicle accident or injured on the job, please be sure to notify us when making your initial appointment.

We are in network with these insurance plans:

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If you do not see your insurance provider listed please contact our office. We are NOT currently in network with Trillium or Trillium Advantage (OHP).