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Colfer Chiropractic Wellness Center has been serving the Eugene/Springfield community since 1991.

Because you are a unique person, Dr. Nancy Colfer believes strongly in listening to you as an individual and tailoring your chiropractic care to fit your needs. It is her comprehensive approach to your healing and wellness that makes the work successful.

Chiropractic adjustments are gentle manipulations of the spine. They are powerful tools for healing and are usually the cornerstone of Dr. Colfer's treatment approach. This is because chiropractic adjustments are so effective in correcting the cause of your pain: misaligned vertebrae, stiff spinal joints and tense muscles. After chiropractic adjustments, your joints move more smoothly and your muscles can relax, freeing the body's innate energy so you can function at your greatest potential.

What our loyal patients have to say:

"After six months of pain in hip/lower back – the six months included pain pills from primary and weekly visits to physical therapy (exercises, core strengthening). Finally, I took a friend’s advice and visited Dr Colfer. She analyzed and adjusted – spoke of blockage which she corrected. Walked out of the office pain free! Amazed and thankful."

Margo Jennings, age 69

"I started bringing my toddler son to Nancy for neck issues he had. That was over 20 years ago. I still use Nancy any time I have neck issues. We wouldn’t use anyone else."

Michelle, age 49

"I came to Dr Colfer for corrective help as well as maintaining/helping with daily pain issues. Not only is the care superb but the staff (chiropractor, massage therapists, front desk, etc.) are incredibly caring and focused on making you feel 110%. I recommend anyone feeling discomfort or wanting general adjusting/massage therapy to come here!"

Judy Sheldon, age 29

"As a professional golfer, my career has been extended due to the use of chiropractic care for 50 years."

Carla Glasgow, age 70

"Years ago, after an accident, I was lucky to be referred to Dr. Colfer. Nancy's practice has expanded over the years until it has become a "home base" of health and wellness. Her treatments are gentle, yet so effective. The professionals she has added to her staff offer several congruent services, enhancing the treatments Dr. Colfer performs."

Marilyn Spriggs

"I had been to several other chiropractors and it would get better for a couple weeks and then go back to hurting. Dr. Colfer was able to work hard on fixing my back, trying a variety of things, and in a short time my chronic back pain was gone for good."

Shelley Lawrence

"I love this place! The staff is very caring. Dr. Colfer and Rainey have helped me tremendously. It's a well-rounded therapeutic healing session. I was given exercises that have helped strengthen me as well. Thank you!"

— Marianne Rudek

"I've been coming to Dr. Colfer for nearly 20 years now. A monthly visit keeps my chronic back pain in check, and when I have a flare-up, she's right there for me. I appreciate that she doesn't just treat the symptoms. She searches for the underlying cause -- everything from desk ergonomics to pillows to bicycle handlebars. And she works with me to correct the issues. She is the best!"

— Jennifer Meyer

"I love my appointments with Dr. Colfer. She is gentle and efficient, and I always feel better when I leave. She is wonderful, and I recommend her services!"

— Terra Jenkins

"Dr. Colfer is a great chiropractor and always listens to her patients. I'm pregnant right now and getting an adjustment and massage. It helps a lot. I would not change it for anything. Thank you for all your help, and the staff is awesome."

Jennifer Wade

"The doc and everyone is like a professional family. They go out of their way to make me feel welcome and to help me chill out. I carry cards in my wallet to give to people from her. She's that good. When I injured my calf a while ago, I was squeezed into the schedule and given a myriad of treatments shortly before a road trip. It made a world of difference, and I was able to spend all of my vacation hiking rather than on crutches."

— Brian Ellis

"It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Nancy Colfer as an outstanding chiropractic physician. When I first met Dr. Colfer, I had injured my neck. I could not turn my head from side to side or lift my arms above my head. After Dr. Colfer’s professional treatment and care I am pleased to say I am now back to my present healthy condition and back to work. I enthusiastically recommend Dr Nancy Colfer as the best choice for chiropractic care in Eugene."

— Anny Cole

"I have never felt so good since my therapy with Dr. Colfer and her wonderful, caring staff."

— Karen Grace

"I really appreciate care from Dr. Colfer. She spends time with me and explains things if I have questions. Also, I get to exercise and have massage for an hour, which helps me get better faster."


"This place feels safe, calm, and they take time for your pain complaints. The best part of this doctor is that she has taken the time to build a relationship with my autistic daughter. My daughter trusts Nancy, so she can have her injuries fixed also."

— Deb Fassbender

We are located in the Mahonia Building at:

120 Shelton McMurphy Blvd. Ste. 320

Eugene, OR 97404

Call: 541-345-9401

Fax: 541-345-5493