StephanieYour First Visit

After being greeted by our friendly and professional staff, you will be asked to complete paperwork that will help the doctor better understand how she can be of help. Our staff will contact your insurance to determine what chiropractic care coverage you have. Dr Colfer will review your primary concerns and will go over your history with you, and then conduct a focused examination to determine a diagnosis.  Sometimes, additional information such as radiographic studies (x-rays) is needed, but not always. The doctor will discuss her findings with you and explain the diagnosis and the treatment plan, setting goals and objectives with input from you.

Most of the time, treatment will begin on the same day as the initial examination. Periodic re-evaluations will be done to check progress towards the agreed upon goals and updating of the treatment plan will be done as necessary.  Ultimately, at a successful conclusion, Dr Colfer will recommend continued care at a reduced frequency for wellness, but the choice is always yours.

For more information or to set up an initial visit, call us at 541-345-9401 or email us at

On your first visit, either come in 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork, or print out the following forms, fill them out and bring them in with you. You can also fax the filled-in forms to 541-345-5493.

New Patient Forms

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