Chronic Conditions

One key to our success in solving complex pain problems is that we take the time to ask how you use your back for work and leisure activities. The answers to your questions may give us important clues to the cause of your pain.

Patient receives neck adjustment treatmentMany patients come to us with long-term problems, including:

  • chronic recurring low back pain
  • frequent episodes of neck pain
  • burning pain at the upper back
  • daily headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • pain related to arthritis
  • chronic disc injuries
  • carpal tunnel syndromes

Often, they have tried other methods of care and have had no lasting relief. In such cases, Dr Colfer will work with the patient to determine the cause of the pain and address this cause instead of the symptoms in order to get lasting relief.

If you have a chronic problem, we may recommend rehabilitation such as exercises to improve spinal strength. We can work with you to correct improper body mechanics. Using your back correctly for work and leisure activities can dramatically reduce the strain on your back.

Dr Colfer, thank you so much for helping me to be pain-free for the first time since I was a teen… this is great!

Elizabeth Torgersrud

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